Santorini Island - (S.T.E.A.M) CubicFun 3D puzzle MC195h 129 pcs

by MyHomeSmart

Santorini Island


brilliant pearl in the Aegean Sea


World’s Great Architecture


Built from our minds, build with your hands!


CubicFun 3D puzzle


Model MC195h


A puzzle for both adults and children:


  • Most sophisticated design, highest complexity
  • Biggest size
  • Highest level of detail presentation
  • Display as an art/decoration/collection
  • Gift for children/friends
  • Great for STEAM education
  • Discover history of architecture


Santorini Island is located in Aegean Sea, southwest 200 km away from Greece continent. It is on the deepest trench between the world’s two continental plates. 3500 years ago, this island is one of the most active volcanoes. 

The archipelago is approximately 28sq miles with about 13,600 inhabitants living on the only two inhabitable islands: Thira and Therasia. Santorini is the world’s only inhabited caldera. 

Known for its densely populated towns and villages atop the massive volcanic cliffs, the traditional white and blue-painted Greek Buildings resemble snow caps over the beautifully coloured strata of volcanic rock. 

Santorinian architecture heavily features Yposkafo, a type of “cave” house built specifically to protect against gusty winds at that attitude. 

The largest export of Santorini is soil. 2,000,000 tons a year are used all over the world to make concrete. The Suez Canal is, in fact, built with Santorini-soil concrete. 

Best Travel Time: Summer is the best time of year to visit Santorini – there is little rain, the humidity is low, and there is often a cool sea breeze that helps to take the edge off the summer heat. In fall and winter, the weather is changeable. Winter temperatures can drop below freezing, accompanied by strong winds. 

There is a small town in the north of the island called Oia, which is a popular place to enjoy the sunset. Santorini is also home to many beautiful white churches, such as the Church of the Holy Cross, which was built in 1840 and features large blue domes. 

The wharf of Santorini’s capital Fira is surrounded by cliffs. Numerous white cottages are built along the hillside. A small path zigzags from the wharf up to the town centre. The town’s houses feature white walls and beautiful blue-topped roofs. 

Santorini is the most brilliant pearl in the Aegean Sea, freedom land described by Plato. Here has the world’s most beautiful sunset, most magnificent seascape. It becomes the gathering places for artists creating their great works, the paradise for the photographers. Here you can be poet or artist and create your works of the bluest sky you can imagine.



Total: 129 pcs 

Complexity: êêêêê 

Age: 8+ 

Model Size: 39cm x 27cm x 33cm 

Box Size: 33cm x 22.7cm x 4.7cm 

Scissors Required: No 

Gluing Required: No 

Construct Time (reference) : 200 – 220 mins 

Material: Paper & EPS Foam Board

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