Ganker Fighting Robot

by MyHomeSmart
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Operable on Android 4.0 or above and iOS 8.0 or above


Ganker is a small-sized fighting robot designed for education and entertainment. Using robotic joint modules, electronic scoring system and APP control, it is able to realize a variety of competitive actions such as robotic fighting, racing and obstacle avoiding, etc. It allows players to learn robotics-related assembly, 3D printing and motion programming in the form of entertainment.





  • High Mobility

Ganker can move so freakishly fast in any direction because they are equipped with four all direction chassis. The movement control system uses advanced calculations to make sure all of your Ganker robot’s movements are quick and coordinated. Your robot is able to move as fast and as freely as you do.


  • Dexterity

In each joint of the Ganker robot there is a servo motor, and it is these motors that bring your robot to life. They allow your robot to move naturally and respond precisely to your fighting commands. You are able to throw punches, kicks, even swing a sword. Just imagine what deadly combinations you could create.


  • Fair Scoring

Every piece of Ganker robot armor is equipped with a sensor to detect contact. When your robot is struck in specific critical areas one health point of “blood” is deducted. If your “blood” level reaches zero, you lose the match. Simple as that. Now, pick up your weapons, and destroy them all!


  • Customizable Weapons & Armour

You can design every aspect of your robot’s weapons and armor. Your robot will be a true reflection of you. Ganker gears are available.


In-Pack Items

Ganker x1

Battery x1

Charger x1

Sword x1

Spear x1

Gun x1

Big Servo x1 (replaceable arm, servomotor)

Small Servo x1 (replaceable shoulder and elbow servomotors)

Maintenance manual x1

Maintenance toolx1



























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