Eiffel Tower - CubicFun 3D puzzle MC091h 82 pcs

by MyHomeSmart

Eiffel Tower
World’s Great architecture
Discover history of architecture
CubicFun 3D puzzle
Model MC091h

  • Most sophisticated design, highest complexity
  • Highest level of detail presentation

Children’s Puzzle / Children’s Toy:

Combine puzzling and playing, assemble before play
Integrated interactive components / features
Great for STEAM education

The Eiffel Tower was built for the international Exhibition of Paris of 1889 commemorating the centenary of the French Revolution, situated on the Champ de Mars beside the Seine River in Paris. It is a hollow steel framed structure and was the world’s tallest tower (300m high originally) – a title it retained until 1930 when New York City’s Chrysler Building was completed. There are elevators in the tower that can take you to the top. The tower has become the symbol of Paris and is one of the most recognizable structures in the world.

Total: 82 pcs
Complexity: ★★★★★★
Age: 8+
Construct Time: 4+ Hours
Model Size: 39cm x 36cm x 78cm
Scissors Required: No
Gluing Required: No
Material: Paper & EPS Foam Board

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