CubicFun 3D puzzles S3001h Sydney Opera House 30pcs

by MyHomeSmart

Sydney Opera House

CubicFun 3D puzzle

Model S3001h

World's Great Architecture S serial

    • Smallest sizes
    • Reduced Complexity
    • Great for STEAM education
    • For Starter, younger consumers, tourists, etc.

The Sydney Opera House is one of the most famous buildings in the world. 6225 square meters of glass and 645 kilometers of electric cable were used to build the Opera House. It includes 1000 rooms. It is 185 meters long and 120 meters wide. The building’s roof sections weigh about 15 tons. There are 1 million tiles on the roof. It provides guided tours to 200 000 people each year.



  • Total: 30pcs
  • Age: 3+
  • Model Size: 18.5cm x 13.3cm x 5.8cm
  • Box Size: 16cm x 1.8cm x 22cm
  • Scissors Required: No
  • Gluing Required: No
  • Construct Time: 50-60mins
  • Complexity: êê

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