CubicFun 3D puzzle S3030h Antique Automobile4 34pcs

by MyHomeSmart
Antique Automobile 4 
CubicFun 3D puzzle
Model S3030h
Children’s Puzzle / Children’s Toy:
Combine puzzling and playing, assemble before play
Integrated interactive components / features
Great for STEAM education
For starter, younger consumers, etc.
A classic car is an older automobile; the exact definition varies around the world. The common theme is of an older car with enough historical interest to be collectable and worth preserving or restoring rather than scrapping.

The antique car era includes the Veteran era, the Brass era, and the Vintage era, which range from the beginning of the automobile up to the 1930s. Later cars are often described as classic cars. In original or originally restored condition antiques are very valuable and are usually either protected and stored or exhibited in car shows but are very rarely driven.
  • Total: 34pcs
  • Age: 3+
  • Model Size: 15.5m x 7cm x 8cm
  • Box Size: 16cm x 1.8cm x 22cm
  • Scissors Required: No
  • Gluing Required: No
  • Construct Time: 50-60mins
  • Complexity: êê

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