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Your Transformable Vehicle
Build it. Code it. Fly it.
Take over the land, sky and water
Airblock is made of magnetic, modular parts that are easy to assemble and disassemble without the need for tools. It has hexacopter drone, hovercraft and you can create more modes.
Features – Modular Parts
  • Using magnets to join pieces easily
  • Two main modes: drone and hovercraft
  • Challenge kids with specific building tasks
Features – Programming
  • Learn easily with graphical code blocks
  • Code Cool Aerial Stunts
  • Logic and reasoning introduces kids to basic computer programming, growing critical thinking skills.
Features – DIY Assembly
  • With modularity you can create more assemblies
  • Lego or Makeblock component vehicles can be powered by Airblock
  • Release creativity for both hardware and software possibilities
Features – Competitive Use
  • Play together in a variety of different games in different modes
  • Soft, durable material takes care of safety Concerns
Features – Controllable
Mobile APP  Tablet
  • Easily control Airblock with Makeblock APP on IOS anytime and anywhere
  • Makeblock APP on Android is coming soon.
  • Help kids build motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
Features – Indoor Friendly
  • styrofoam material-Expanded polypropylene is used to lighten and absorb any impact with valuables
  • High impacts break the drone into component parts for reassembly
Propeller guards and custom-designed soft foam used to construct the frame makes Airblock safe to use for ages 8 and up.

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